Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk is a strategy classroom teachers may use to consolidate a three-part lesson.

There's a great monograph from the Capacity Building Series that explains this strategy along with Bansho and Math Congress:

Here are some photos from Carolyn's Grade 6 class from Hunter's Glen.

The gallery walk begins when students finish solving the problem of the day. All the posters are then laid out on top of desks. Students are then given the opportunity to walk around and look at each other's thinking. Students are given sticky notes to write down any questions or feedback they may have about the work they've seen.

gallery walk 2.png

After this is done, students are then given the opportunity to review the feedback they received and revise their work. It's also an opportunity for students to answer the questions posed.
gallery walk 3.png

Carolyn explicitly taught her students how to give each other feedback and appropriate questions to pose about each other work.