Combined Grades: Strategies to Reach a Range of Learners in Kindergarten to Grade 6 (Ministry of Education)


Side by Side Comparison of Math Expectations

My intent in creating these was to give teachers a quick view of the similarities and differences in content for the two grade levels. Ultimately, you want to cluster the expectations in a way that would allow you to teach to the big ideas for both grade levels. The 'worst' thing, in my mind, you can do to yourself is to attempt to be a juggler. You'll end wearing yourself out and you won't be able to teach for depth, in either grades.

Math Makes Sense: Solutions for Combined Grades

Math Units

1. Iain Brodie, a teacher at St. Andrews PS, created these units for his Grade 1/2 class. Thanks for sharing, Iain!

Iain also created several units for Language, Social Studies, and Science.

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