Bansho is a strategy classroom teachers may use to consolidate a three-part lesson.

There's a great monograph from the Capacity Building Series that explains this strategy along with Gallery Walk and Math Congress:

Bansho is a japanese word for board writing. The lesson from beginning to end is documented on a board. Since we do not have space to do this, Iain and Kvitka got creative and took it outside their classrooms.

Kvitka Holman (Grade 3@ Donwood Park PS)

This is the Summary and Highlights of the lesson. Kvitka co-constructed it with her students.

Iain Brodie (Grade 3/4@ St. Andrews PS)

This is the problem students solved and a summary of their prior learning:

It's hard to see but student solutions are labelled. Similar strategies are grouped together under that heading. The strategies are organized from less efficient to most efficient.

Summary and Highlights of the lesson, co-constructed with students.

As you may notice, this strategy is most useful when students may use a variety of strategies to solve the problem.