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There are many purposes of a word wall:
- get students to spell a word correctly
- convey meaning of a word
- increase student vocabulary

Kindergarten (Angelo Mizzi, Bendale JPS)

Angelo has several word walls in his classroom. Each one serves a different purpose.

Bendale (Angelo).JPG

Bendale (Angelo2).jpg

Grade 3 (Marie Clancy, William Tredway JPS)

The purpose of this word wall is clear in its title:
external image SDC10641.JPG

Words were chosen from all five strands:
external image SDC10639.JPG

Examples are given for certain concepts:
external image SDC10638.JPG

external image SDC10640.JPG

The wall is in a prominent place, easily viewed by students.
external image 5556972512647992919-2326351823344963452?

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Grade 7 (Mike Gordon, JS Woodsworth PS)

There are many purposes of a math word wall. Mike's goal in creating his word wall is clear. He wanted to:

1. Make the word wall accessible by placing in a place where students can reach and read the words.
external image SDC10595.JPG

2. Attach meaning to each word by including a definition or example.
external image SDC10594.JPG

external image SDC10582.JPG

external image SDC10581.JPG

external image SDC10593.JPG

external image SDC10583.JPG

external image SDC10584.JPG

external image SDC10589.JPG

external image SDC10588.JPG
3. Make a word wall that is a learning tool, not just a display.
external image SDC10590.JPG

external image SDC10591.JPG

Mike updates his word wall regularly. Clearly, his challenge is to find room to keep all these words up.

The Guide to Effective Instruction in Mathematics K-6: Volume 3 - Classroom Resources and Management suggests that words can be moved and placed in a binder or big book to make room for new words.

This document suggests other considerations when creating a math word wall in your classroom.