Professional Readings:

Classroom Examples:

Nevin@ William Treway (Grade 2/3) created success criteria for a specific task.
Grade 23 (Nevin -Tredway).JPG

Marie@Tredway (Grade 3) created success criteria for the problem solving process expectation:
Grade 3 (Marie -Tredway2).JPG

Students are reminded of this criteria every time they solve a problem because Marie created a mini-version of it and staples it to their chart paper.
Grade 3 (Marie-Tredway).JPG

Iain (St. Andrew's PS) created success criteria with his 3/4 class for an entire unit! Notice how learning goals are embedded in the criteria?

Shelley@Donwood Park (Grade 5) focused on the problem solving process. This allows her (and her students) to use the success criteria outlined below with any problem. Notice how the criteria is clearly linked to the learning goal?
sc (shelley).jpg

Shelley also created criteria for a specific skill/concept with her class. Once again, the criteria outlined is clearly linked to the learning goal of the unit/lesson.
LG (shelley).jpg

Paula (Lord Roberts) created success criteria with her Grade 6 class around communication. Students used the criteria they created to respond to open response questions (such as those found on EQAO assessments).
Grade 6 (Paula-Lord Roberts).JPG

These are just examples of how teachers in the FOS are using learning goals and success criteria!